Here at Gawker, we stand in opposition to the back-slapping Lamestream Media and its cozy relationships with Big Business, from Big Fruit all the way to Big Pie. That's why we were the only news organization brave enough to come right out and ask, "Hey, how come you never see orange pie, on the menu or whatever?" It was only a matter of time before Big Pie sent out its MSM attack dogs to try to recapture the narrative.

Amy Williams is a hot shot columnist at the Fort Myers News-Press, used to having the world scrape and bow and wait on her hand and foot, I imagine. She didn't take too kindly to a scrappy young upstart blog getting all uppity on the Orange Pie issue. No surprise, she's now viciously attacked and slandered the independent journalist courageous enough to poke the Orange Pie hornet's nest on behalf of you, the reader.

[After reading Gawker's courageous Orange Pie coverage], I was grinning smugly, because orange pie is one of my specialties - whether or not it's on some cocky Gawker writer's radar.

Note how Mainstream Media's Amy Williams, sheathed securely in the cocoon of privilege so readily afforded to her from her perch atop the Southwest Florida Newspaper Food Columnist pyramid, is quick with the haughty dismissal of the courageous young independent journalist whose incisive commentary poses a threat to her Pie-proganda. Pardon our truth assault, Queen Williams: some of us are too busy with serious journalism to spend our days lazing about South Florida's orange groves, sipping execrable fermented citrus wine with raving "old-timers" who tell half-mad tales of the pirates, conquistadors, and swashbuckling orange pie bakers of yesteryear. Amy Williams has been a big wheel in Pie Land for so long that one doubts whether she could recognize a vibrant, genre-busting piece of courageous pie journalism even if it hit her right in the Pie Hole.

Anyhow she totally includes a recipe for "Sour Orange Pie" in her column so I will make it, for journalism. If someone can tell me what a "sour orange" is. (Also "egg whites"....?)

[News-Press; Previously. Image by Jim Cooke]