Do you hate the way you're always losing loose prescription pills at the bottom of your backpack and then your French boyfriend is like, "OÙ SONT THE PILLS? J'AI BESOIN DE PILLS!" And you're like, "My arms don't reach! My arms don't reach!"?

Well say goodbye to that awkward moment thanks to a new partnership between The Row and Damien Hirst. Introducing: the $50,000 pill-covered backpack.

The collaboration was commissioned by luxury retailer with a lot of time on its hands Just One Eye. The result: a limited edition of twelve of the Olsens' infamously expensive crodile backpacks decorated with "one-of-a-kind" designs by Hirst. The artwork consists of "appliqué[d]" pills (glued, probably) on some bags, and painted spots on the others.

The collection is described as "a fascinating study in contrasts," owing to its bold juxtaposition of pills with an object that is not a pill.

The Just One Eye website explains that "a portion" of sales from the bags will be donated to UNICEF. Refinery 29 requested specifics on the portion, and was informed that the exact amount will be left "at Damien's discretion." So if you've always wanted to donate a $1-$5 to UNICEF in a roundabout fashion, this is a good opportunity.

Hop over to the website now and never buy pills again (this week).

[Refinery 29 // Image via Just One Eye]