According to reports, Degrassi graduate Drake hung out with culinary titan Guy Fieri Saturday night. Obviously, this is a big deal. Thankfully, someone took a picture of the historic meeting. As my colleague Max Read wrote, the photograph is "possibly the all-time achievement of the mimetic image." In it, a focused Drake stares intently as he stirs some sort of sauce (marinara? chocolate? donkey sauce?) while a patient, wise-seeming Fieri looks on.

The two seem to be in the middle of some sort of deep conversation. Sure, it's probably related to cooking at that exact moment, but what else do you think the two discussed? For instance, did they talk about their various high profile beefs? Between Chris Brown, Common and DMX, Drake has faced plenty of Pete Wells-like criticism in his life. Or was the Toronto rapper, an expert in the art of attempting to seduce journalists, offering Fieri advice on how to garner better press?

There is literally no end to the possibilities.