Back in April, North Korea tried to send a rocket into space while the rest of the world was like, "c'mon man, please just don't do that." The launch famously failed after the rocket blew up a few minutes after it was fired off.

Well like Wile E Coyote, against all logic and support, Pyongyang is going to try to fire a rocket again.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Pyongyang's state news agency said scientists and technicians have analyzed the mistakes of the previous launch and have improved the reliability of the carrier rocket. The next attempt is set for between Dec. 10 and 22.

Although the U.S. and about every other country in the world say that North Korea is launching the rocket to test long-range missile systems, state officials from North Korea say that the upcoming launch is to develop a "peaceful space program."

Right. So the country that doesn't have enough money for tractors or enough food for its people is going to go to the moon. Just for the record, that's something that the U.S. can't even afford.

They're just going to the space, OKAY!? Stop trying to pry North Korea for information about their super cool new space program. Are you jealous or something? You think they're always up to no good. What, you want to know more? I mean they'd tell you, but it's really just a ballistic-missiles program. Oops.

WSJ: North Korea Plans Another Rocket Try [Image via AP]