Hugh Jackman, pronounced "You Jack Men" when said slowly by your dad as he smiles at you until you get the joke, is of course playing Jean Valjean in this year's adaptation of Les Miserables.

Here's a preview of him singing "Who Am I," one of the show's most pivotal moments.

This is the role he was born to play really. A tough (but caring!) singing hero. It's a passionate Wolverine with musical chops. There's no way he was going to screw this one up.

His chances of winning best actor at this year's Academy Awards are about nine to one at this point.

Seriously, Hugh Jackman has probably sat down multiple times now to work on a draft of his acceptance speech. He will probably thank god, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, his director Tom Hooper, and Victor Hugo. He already knows this. He says it in front of the mirror every night before going to bed.

There's no doubt that Hugh Jackman wakes up every morning, reaches into the fridge for a carton of orange juice, then cradles the cold object softly in his arms, imagines it as his trophy, and whispers softly "I'm Jean Valjean."

[via ONTD]