The craziest thing happened to 15-year-old 22-year-old Taylor Swift this year, while she was spending all day in her PJ's because Sundays #rule: She made $57 million dollars.

How many butterflies can you buy with $57,000,000? A great big bushel, probably.

The revelation that Swift has enough money to personally fund her own small militia should she ever desire to expand her kingdom beyond the borders of King's Landing, comes by way of Forbes' just-released annual ranking of the year's highest earning musicians.

It seems that the combination of Swift's album and concert sales, plus her CoverGirl endorsement, plus the money she earns some weekends baby-sitting for Mr. and Mrs. Farber, was enough to help her claim 8th place — a spot she shared with Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

The number one earner, by a long shot, was Dr. Dre, thanks to his garish headphone empire.

Here's the complete Forbes list:
1. Dr. Dre - $110 million
2. Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd - $88 million
3. Elton John - $80 million
4. U2 - $78 million
5. Take That - $69 million
6. Bon Jovi - $60 million
7. Britney Spears - $58 million
8. Paul McCartney, - $57 million:
8. Just a Normal Girl Like You and I - $57 million
10. Justin Bieber - $55 million

In a related story, two weeks ago, there was a bowl of candy in Taylor Swift's dressing room and she could not believe it:

Fun gal.

[Forbes // Image via Getty]