Welcome to the weekend. Mother always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." Or at least my mother did. I do not think that's what your mothers said or, at least, you are not very good listeners. Here is the best you had to offer this week. And know this, Prince William may be the Douche of THE Cambridge, but all of you are the Douche of MY Cambridge.

No argument containing the words "how dare you" ever sounded level-headed.

Subj: Douche

Clearly I was stuck between Duke and Dutchess. My chuckle betrays nothing but self deprication because I knew I sounded foolish. How dare you catergorize me as foul mouthed. Clean it up.


Is this a threat? Or a genuine offer? I really have no idea.

Subj: List of Jews
I can give you list of next (secret) jews.

Do these "street techniques" have anything to do with "secret Jews?"

Subj: article

Hello, I love the article. I am an aging ER doc, who uses all of the "street techniques " and am trying to keep the juju going . Thanks for the enlightened approach.
Keep the faith,

Crazy like a fox, Lizzy. Can I call you Lizzy? We're friends, right?

Subj: Crazy
My tip is close this site. You people seem crazy. You should be sued for slander, but most of all- you should be ignored.

[Image by Jim Cooke]