In the words of Margaret Cho, you got a cool mommy. In the words of RuPaul, so don't fuck it up. Some of the best answers from last week's post about gifts for cool parents are below:

lunchcoma sensibly suggested: "I think a lot of Cool Parents just go ahead and buy the stuff that they want, so I vote for experience gifts: tickets for mom and dad to go see their favorite band together, or some classes or lessons for someone who likes new experiences, or a mother/daughter spa day for someone who wishes she could spend more time with her kid."

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missbuttonANARCHY made it sound so easy (and with the added benefits of antioxidants): "i have a cool parent. i ask her what she wants and then i get it for her. and then some dark chocolate."

Housekeeping spoke from experience: "Now that I've got 30 well in the rear view mirror, I think I need to accept that I'm inching ever closer to being more a part of my parents' generation than that of 'the kids these days.' With that in mind, I think I'll see if I can't find us some common ground in terms of a get the hell off my lawn-type gift. Maybe something like this."

CuriousKaren said: "Cookbooks and weird ingredients/utensils. If you have "cool" foodie parents like mine." The Kitchen Bull isn't exactly a utensil and it isn't a cookbook — it's a knife block/cheeseboard that holds books. And it's cool so whatever.

Wingless Victory's modest requests made me feel warm and toasty: "I'm a Cool Parent. I'm happy with nothing but a phone call now that my children are all spread out. I don't need anything much, don't want anything much and only really appreciate it when my kids send things — at any time of the year — they KNOW I would get a kick out of. Something weird and inexpensive. Something retro and inexpensive. Any photos of themselves. An email recommendation for new music — no need to buy it for me; I just appreciate the nudge toward a new artist they think I might like."

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And finally, Deborah Stewart put it bluntly just like a cool parent should: "Cool 59-year-old parent here. Give me money for concerts or leave me the hell alone."

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