Jay McGuiness, one of the singers of The Wanted, gave the recently re-re-re-arrested Lindsay Lohan a special shout-out via fashion while opening for Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden Thursday night, by wearing a "FREE LINDSAY" shirt onstage.

Lohan is rumored to have been trying to get jiggy with McGuiness' bandmate, Max George, at a club in the wee hours of Thursday morning, when she was arrested for punching a fellow patron in the face.

McGuiness' shirt appears to have been handmade by someone with a true artist's eye or, anyway, markers. Photographs from other angles reveal a sketch of a woman's face underneath the plea.

Max George did not wear a "FREE LINDSAY" shirt onstage.

It's like when you're waving at a guy but his friend thinks you're actually waving at him.


(E! // Image via @Spence2DaFence/Twitter)