The next time you find yourself in Saskatchewan, Canada, take time to thank a Regina firefighter, they've had a rough couple weeks.

Regina's Mosaic Stadium decided to spread the holiday spirit by displaying a giant yule log on the stadium's scoreboard. The problem is, in the past few weeks, the Regina Fire Department has responded to four frantic phone calls about a massive, yet cheery (yet fake), fire at the stadium. Some people even reported smelling smoke.

Mosaic Stadium is home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a Canadian football team. Canadian football is almost as good as American football, but not quite; a fitting metaphor.

But don't worry, the Regina Fire Department tells CBC News it doesn't totally hate Christmas, they just have a few suggestions for you.

Trying to snuff out the false alarms, [deputy fire chief Gerard] Kay said he called around to get the log video replaced.

"Maybe some snowflakes or Santa or something like that," he said.

The Roughriders have opted to display a thank you message to fans instead.

[CBC News // Image via Global News]