Bad-ass vigilantes have a new hero today. Her name is Sonya Yu. She spends her days taking pictures of food and also criminals—OUT—with unconventional weaponry.

SFGate writes that, for the past few months, Yu's San Francisco neighborhood has been plagued by a rampant package thief, who removed over $1,000 worth of goods from her porch earlier this fall.

So, on Tuesday, Yu did what any of us would: assembled a self-defense kit composed of bear spray and a Japanese wooden sword traditionally used to train Samurai warriors (a "bokken"), and set out a package for "bait."

Then she sat on her porch and started to write her wedding vows, as one does.

Then this happened:

Yep, she got him.

Yu bear-sprayed the perp from her first-floor balcony then chased him down the street with a sword. Yu didn't catch him herself but remarked on Twitter that, in addition to coloring him orange, the bear spray slowed him down enough so that police were able to apprehend him within five minutes.

Yu's fiancé initially uploaded security footage to YouTube that showed her sprinting onto the sidewalk, bokken in hand, but he removed the video after press started swarming the couple's house. Classic Batman tactics Sonya Yu. Stick to the shadows.

The man Yu chased, 51-year-old Andy Anduha, was booked into the county jail on suspicion of attempted burglary. He is scheduled to be arraigned on one count of first-degree residential burglary, and, if convicted, faces a sentence of up to six years.

But the best thing to come out of all this (aside from the fact that a criminal has been apprehended) is this tweet from you:

Is that bear spray stinging my eyes, like tears shed in rapture?

Or is it justice?

(SFGate // Noe Valley SF)