A weeks-long investigation by a interdepartmental task force into criminal activity involving the mayor of a northern Kentucky town concluded last night after he was arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to a police informant.

Making matters worse for Olive Hill mayor Danny Sparks was the fact that the undercover buy took place in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Police noted in their report that another man was also detained, and that this man had an ongoing "personal relationship" with Sparks.

Though he initially called the arrest a "mistake," Sparks later issued a statement to the press saying he would resign the post he's held for over a decade, effective immediately.

"I hope that everyone will understand that I have always tried to do the very best for Olive Hill and hope that the people will understand that I will always try to continue to help in any way possible to better this City regardless of what position I may serve," Sparks said in his statement. "What happen(ed) tonight is something I have never done before and deeply regret it and hope to move on."

Police have charged Sparks with felony trafficking in marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school. The amount of marijuana sold to the informant was not disclosed.

[photo via Facebook]