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It's nearly December, which means we should have resurrected the long and bitter War on Christmas weeks ago. For shame Bill O'Reilly, you're better than this tardiness.

O'Reilly interviewed David Silverman, the President of American Atheists, on his show Wednesday night. It starts off tame enough, but ohhhhh boyyyyy does it take a nasty turn when Bill O'Reilly insists Christianity is not a religion, but a philosophy (right around 1:53 in the clip above).

"You don't know me!" O'Reilly wails like a contestant on reality television before declaring that all atheists are fascists. No one is here to make friends.

To be fair to Mr. O'Reilly, Silverman doesn't exactly come off great here either. The key to not looking like a crazy person while arguing on live television is not raising your voice. Clearly the two could learn a little something from Oprah.