James Franco, the World's Second Best Entertainment Blogger, officially has the support of NYU, one of his 407 former colleges. The famous blogger/actor's former professor, Jose Angel Santana, filed a lawsuit against Franco last year, claiming he was defamed after giving Franco a "D" in his film studies class. As we noted at the time, the barely passing grade seemed generous considering Franco only attended 2 of the fourteen classes.

Franco, however, felt otherwise and said Santana was "awful," adding, "I didn't feel like I needed to waste my time with a bad teacher."


NYU was also named in the lawsuit and is now asking a New York judge to dismiss the lawsuit. "The comments at issue consisted of nothing other than Franco's personal opinions regarding Santana's teaching skills... Franco's description of Santana as 'awful' does not have a precise meaning, nor...is it capable of being proven true or false," their lawyers wrote.

Of course, since it's James Franco, the lawsuit wouldn't be complete without some pretentious concern about Deep Issues. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, "The nature of truth vs. opinion has stumped philosophers, art students and others for centuries."

Ah, James Franco. Always making us consider the big issues. Well, when he's not sleeping in class, that is.

[Image via AP]