A group of military women, all Iraq or Afghanistan veterans, are suing to force the US military to end its ban on women in "direct combat jobs," contending that A) women end up fighting anyhow due to the eradication of "front lines" in modern warfare, and B) the exclusion from formal combat assignments severely limits women's ability to ascend the military's career ladder. So, great. Let them fight!

Assuming a woman can meet all the physical requirements necessary for combat, and she wants to fight, let her fight! What is the worst that can happen, besides her death? It might result in soldiers having heterosexual sex with each other on the battlefield? Good! If you are risking death every single day, you deserve some nice sex, before your death. The NYT cites an op-ed from a female Marine saying the "physical toll" of combat on her body was too great to bear. Well, there should be a single physical standard, for all soldiers, and soldiers that pass that, whether male or female, should be deemed fit to fight, and any soldier whose body, whether male or female, breaks down, should not be fighting any more. Being physically destroyed by combat could happen to anyone. If women want to fight, let them fight. Someone has to stand in for all the sons of Congressmen who are not fighting in the wars that their dads voted to start.

As Chris Rock said of gays in the military, "If they wanna fight, let them fight. Because I ain't fighting."

The peace movement continues to accept both men and women.

[Photo: AP]