Last week, we asked you to embark with us on a leisurely paddleboat ride down the river Nostalgia to help choose the best gifts who people who not only lived through, but, remember the 90s. You delivered like DOMINO'S (in under 30 minutes or it's free—until that guarantee was dropped in the '90s because harried deliverymen kept getting into car accidents).

Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

Commenter jeb_leeds recommends the perfect gift for the aspiring journalist in your life: a Yak Bak.

"Excuse me, sir, would you like to make a statement to the press? Please limit your response to six seconds; I'm recording on a Yak Bak."

Good luck transcribing awed silence.
(Amazon, $17.99)

Picture this: You bring home a date. Things are going well. She sexy. You light a sand-scented candle and grab a bottle of white wine. The candlelight flickers off something green on your bookshelf: an Aggro Crag trophy replica, recommended by Lauren Bertolini.

"Oh, my God," your date says. "Is that a piece of the Aggro Crag?"
"I don't like to talk about it," you say, pouring the wine.
"I didn't know you were on 'Guts'!" she continues.
"I DON'T like to talk about it," you say.
-End scene-
(Etsy, $19.99)

Via Gawker deleta est, an excellent musical recommendation for the person too blazed to remember much of anything, let alone the 90s.
(Amazon, $13.80)

Kids today are always using their iPads to send electronic mails, edit award-winning short films, and explore the world around them via the Internet. In my day a hedgehog ran so fast no one could catch him. Swing by your town's clothing outfitter to pick up one new-vintage Sega Genesis (80 games included) for yourself and one for Steve Climaco.
(Urban Outfitters, $68.00)

Are you a tough girl with a secret caramel-soft center? Or maybe a seemingly-normal person who is actually a psychotic killer? Whatever your personality, there is a jacket texture for you in this vintage reversible leather/satin Cross Colours Unisex jacket.

Included free with the purchase of this garment: a proposal of marriage from Gawker's own Rich Juzwiak (if you give him the jacket). Spend your honeymoon watching Rich's other recommendation, DVDs of My So-Called Life. Rickie Vasquez, you are too good for this world.
(Etsy, $475.00)

Thanks for your all your hard work, 90s aficionados. Do you know of a gift we missed? Remember it in the comments.

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