Last week we asked you to give us some gift ideas for rational people, otherwise known as adults who are well aware that buying gifts for people other than children around the holidays is a waste of everybody's time, money, and good nature. Here are some of your suggestions for gift haters.

ErikaMayhasfootinmouthdisease says that, rather than getting her gift-hating mother presents for the holiday, she cooks her a meal. Simple: Go to Whole Foods, get some fresh vegetables and pasta—or maybe some soup?—and make dinner for a person you love. This is a good one, because everyone likes eating at restaurants and the only thing that would make restaurants better is if they were free and located in your own house.

Zurichko suggests an old classic: booze. Don't fix what ain't broke! El Peloton de la Muerte is a mezcal that's totally fine and reasonably priced. Buy it and bring it to a friend who drinks. If they are a friend worth their salt, they will immediately pour you both a glass and sit down with you to share stories.

Cookies are a good gift for haters, writes Inspector Spacetime, because "either the person will eat the cookies and be pleased or take it to their office/bingo club/school/whatever and be the favorite for the day for bringing cookies. I mean you can't yell at the poor guy who brought cookies that day."

What if the hater you're shopping for doesn't like to eat or drink, though? What then? Then, friends, jbrecken recommends flowers, which have the added benefit of allowing you to be perennially lazy: "[T]he recipient probably doesn't have a floral arrangement in every room in their home, and they don't last long so you can get them every year." One World Flowers offers great, fair-trade bouquets.

Donating money in someone's name is another one of the few good gifts for gift-haters. There are zillions of charities desperate for your money out there (my mom always goes with her local food bank), but reader stacyinbean likes a Donors Choose gift card, which allows a person to choose a public-school classroom project they'd like to financially back. Do it for the kids, man.

If you have absolutely no money but good taste, the best gift, as suggested by Proofer, is a music mix: simple, cheap, personalized, and unique. Good mixtapes made specifically for a listener express love far more than any lame-ass diamond ring. Cherish them.

Thanks for your suggestions. We'll take more in the comments, if you've got them.