The Associated Press has obtained an "EXCLUSIVE" document purporting to prove that Iran is working to build a nuclear weapon with "more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima." Behold! The Chart of Doom!

The AP obtained the chart from "a country critical of Iran's atomic program." As we know, countries that are critical of Iran's atomic program are likely interested in moving on from the recent ill-fated bombardment of an impoverished neighbor, and are probably interested in refocusing world attention on the perceived threat that Iran's nuclear ambitions could pose to a country that is critical of Iran's atomic program.

So a country that is critical of Iran's atomic program leaked this document—which displays energy and power output of a simulated nuclear warhead over time, and contemplates a yield of about 50 kilotons—to the Associated Press. The fact that Iran has produced such charts have long been known—as the AP notes, the "International Atomic Energy Agency...reported last year that it had obtained diagrams indicating that Iran was calculating the 'nuclear explosive yield' of potential weapons." The IAEA, in turn, had obtained the document from "intelligence services of member nations."

Anyway, as you can see, it's a terrifying chart that conclusively demonstrates the government of Iran's determination to design and build a nuclear device and deploy it against the people of Israel. Let's have a war! Also, here are some other charts about nuclear bombs, in case a country critical of Iran's atomic program is interested in generating momentum to pre-emptively bomb any web sites.

[Image via AP]