It's tough to beat the New York Post's lede - "There's no business like snow business" - so I'll let it stand. In what authorities are describing as a "dramatic drug gang takedown," New York State police seized over 100 pounds of cocaine – worth an estimated $5 million – from the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square last month.

The bust sounds like something from a movie. One man, Fernando Alarado, was arrested after placing a suitcase containing 30 lbs of cocaine in the trunk of a silver BMW and attempting to drive off. Another man, Luis Cuevas-Muniz, loaded 8 lbs of blow in a livery cab, then went back inside to get a second bag, containing an additional 66 lbs. At this point, the state police grabbed two nearby NYPD officers, who assisted in arresting Cuevas-Muniz in the hotel's lobby. The driver of the livery cab was stopped and arrested a few blocks away.

Two others were arrested inside a hotel room. A third suspect fled into the awful Times Square crowds and was "lost in the holiday decorations-gazing crowds," a fate which, as Daily Intel points out, probably isn't much better than being arrested.

[Image via New York State Police]