Last week we asked for your suggestions of what "books" (i.e. ancient Kindles made of wood pulp and ink and with the capacity to store only one title) to get your loved ones for Christmas. Here are some of your suggestions.

Gawker's Camille Dodero writes: "For people who enjoy long-form non-fiction: Jon Ronson's Lost At Sea. Ronson is great at dialogue-driven features-his characters sparkle on the page. [Amazon]

MrsDewey just mentioned the new The Onion book, The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia of Existing Information, with no additional commentary. But all previous Onion books have been hilarious and I'm sure this one is no exception. [Amazon]

CJ4 writes "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain is fantastic. Truly fantastic." It's a novel about the Iraq War. [Amazon]

Former Gawker writer Richard Lawson pointed me to the new graphic novel by famous New Yorker cover illustrator Chris Ware. The New York Times calls Buliding Stories "magnificent". [Amazon]

Supertank writes: "I'd give research oriented readers Bookdarts. These super light metal page markers clip on to the thinnest pages without damage, but the greatest feature is that they allow one to mark lines with a single object. Even when reading for pleasure, I keep a few darts on the title page in case I want to note something." Plus you can hurl them at people to kill them in a pinch. Bookdarts! []

Leah Beckmann writes that Junot Diaz's latest book "is wonderful. I suggest you put it in an unmarked garbage bag and leave it on the doorstep of your now happily married ex." Don't do that because you might be arrested for stalking! [Amazon]

Buckalot suggests legendary sci-fi writer William Gibson's nonfiction collection Distrust That Particular Flavor. I read this and would agree: Great for nerds! [Amazon]