Last week, we asked you what to buy for those members of the "Millennial" generation who ironically hate everything. Remember? Sure you do. Well then: here are five good ideas. Buy them or not, whatever. Everything sucks.

Pogs. Remember that shit? Pogs. Those are coming back. [Cheap, eBay]
Via Canned Poodle

A Bacon-of-the-Month Club membership provides your Millennial with a dozen varieties of "premium bacon from one of America's finest bacon artisans." Is the whole bacon fetish really a Millennial thing, or are we projecting the bacon fetish onto them from a generation away? Who cares? [$99-$149, The Pig Next Door]
Via etotheb

This Lumberjack Beard Beanie really is something. Just look at that thing. Man oh man. [$45, Beard Beanie]
Via Camille

Nothing says "Hey, I am superficially familiar with the Jack Kerouac ethos, and wish to be enveloped by its devil-may-care halo" like a Jack Kerouac t-shirt. Your Millennial will probably wear this t-shirt all the time, or not. [$20-$40, Zazzle]
Via ItsJackKelly

A Thought Catalog E-Book is the perfect gift for the literary Millennial that you loathe, and who loathes themself. Topics range from "things that twenty-somethings think about themselves," to "things that twenty-somethings thought about themselves when they were teenagers." [$2.99-$4.99, Thought Catalog]

Thanks for your suggestions. We'll take more in the comments below.