Our roundup of Black Friday arrests and violence sadly wasn't complete. A report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells the story of an unidentified man who died after he was allegedly caught shoplifting two DVD players from a Walmart in Lithonia, Georgia.

Two Walmart employees and a security guard working at the store followed the man outside and when police arrived at the scene to make an arrest, the trio was on top of him. An officer cuffed the man before realizing that he was unresponsive and had blood all over his face and mouth.

A Walmart spokesperson told the AJC, "No amount of merchandise is worth someone's life. Associates are trained to disengage from situations that would put themselves or others at risk."

Add this to the ever growing list of reasons why Black Friday shouldn't exist.

AJC: Alleged shoplifter dies after being subdued by Walmart workers
[Image via AP]