"Gangnam Style," Korean megastar Psy's infectious "Party Rock Anthem" clone, just became the Internet's most viewed video of all time. This morning, it reached approximately 805 million views on YouTube, beating out the former champ, Justin Bieber's "Baby," which held the old top spot with approximately 804 million views. There's no doubt that the 805 millionth viewer was some kid who ran down his dorm hallway shouting, "you guys have GOT to see this video. C'mere, watch this!"

It is also the most liked video of all time with over 5.3 million likes. Probably worth noting that Justin Bieber's "Baby" is the most Disliked video on YouTube with over 3.2 million dislikes.

Okay, so people like it a lot, but does the video really deserve to have the most views of all time? There are certainly better viral videos out there, even just better music videos. Here are six of the unsung and unwatched heroes of YouTube.

This here is a video called "Cats Morph Into Croissants." It's probably the most brilliant piece of art of the 21st century. It doesn't even have one million views. This is a crime against humanity.

Tom Willett's "How to Eat a Watermelon" tutorial is really inspring and is really fun to watch.

Gay teenage superhero Lohanthony's video "Calling All The Basic Bitches" is a great mantra to follow. It packs all the surprising punch of "Gangnam Style" into nine seconds. That's talent.

This is a clip from How It's Made, the most mind-numbing show of all time. It takes you through the process of carving beautiful German candles. So much craft.

This is a favorite way back from the earlier days of the Internet, but it's still so watchable, even with an ebaumsworld.com watermark on the bottom of the video. Know your viral video history!

This baby from the United Kingdom has better flow than a lot of rappers out right now — including Psy. He deserves way more views.

[Image via AP]