Justin Bieber, the heir to Justin Timberlake's perennial sad ex-boyfriend throne, stepped out in Canada this week to accept a Diamond Jubilee Medal from Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The award is given to Canadians who earn achievements abroad. It's kind of like being knighted by the queen, except not prestigious at all. Think the Kennedy Center Honors, but for Canadians and without any importance.

Harper, who looks like an extra from The Office, wore a suit for the national ceremony. But not L'enfant terrible. Bieber instead chose to don a pair of striped overalls with only one strap buttoned, natch.

Look at Bieber's expression in that picture above. His smile is practically screaming, "I'm trolling you so hard right now and there's nothing you can do about it. I am 18 and you can't tell me how to dress. I am youth personified and you are very old."

Like Dennis the Menace, Bieber was fully aware of the fashion chaos he had just caused. He winked and nodded to his 30.6 million followers:

Yes Justin, "Overauhls" are pretty lol.

He also took to his instagram to share a picture of the tragic outfit and captioned the picture "I hope you hate my style":

Nailed it.

National Post [Photo via PM's Flickr Feed]