Barbara Walters may be upset and disappointed after being bumped by Lindsay Lohan in favor of appearances on nearly every other talk show, but the Liz & Dick star told Jay Leno last night that "the timing wasn't right."

Walters was due to interview the stumbling starlet for ABC's 20/20, but, sensing that she might have to answer actual questions, Lohan scrapped the second part of their interview.

(For a glimpse of what could have been, watch this snippet from part 1, in which Lindsay calls herself a "survivor.")

Walters' View co-host Goldberg suggested that Lohan pulled out because Barbara is "a very different kind of interviewer [than Leno]," and the Tonight Show host did nothing last night to prove her wrong.

Outside of the question about canceling on Walters, to which Lohan responded by saying "it's all good" despite admitting that she hasn't spoken with Walters, Leno lobbed one softball after another at Lindsay.

This was made all the more disappointing in light of the fact that Lindsay apparently spent her off-camera time talking to Meet the Press host David Gregory — Leno's other guest — "about politics and foreign policy."

[videos via NBC]