Unless you're Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one of the twinks from One Direction, "Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James, Olympian Gabby Douglas, musical idiot Seth MacFarlane, probable Oscar winner Ben Affleck, or perennially angry New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, you did not make Barbara Walters annual list of most fascinating people.

If you've been thinking all year, "hey this is going to be my year, I really was a good person," you were wrong. You might have even been good, but you were not great, and you were definitely not "fascinating." No, no, this list is reserved for only the most special people in the world and you are not one of them.

There's no point in even hoping for the much coveted number one spot, which Babs keeps as a special surprise until her special airs on December 12th. Last year's top spot was claimed by Steve Jobs, even though he was already dead. Are you as "fascinating" as dead Steve Jobs? Didn't think so.

In 2010, General David Petraeus was named at the top of the list. At the time, Ms. Walters said, "In life, it seems, there are people who break things and people who fix them. This man is a fixer." Reading that now is little bit cringeworthy, huh?

2012 of course has been another fascinating year in the life of General Petraeus, but for entirely different reasons. Not really sure if we'd still call him a "fixer" though.

LA Times [Image via AP]