Holiday gifts for adults are dumb. Gifts for children? OK, fine, indulge the children a bit around Christmas and Hanukkah if you can afford it. It's a longstanding tradition in our culture and, if you get them a good gift, like a book, they might learn something. But gifts for adults? Please. Adults should not be asking for or giving one another gifts.

People are broke and stressed out enough as it is without having to worry about buying the grown men and women in their lives jewelry, electronics, or a bunch of other bullshit that will be taken for granted or trashed by April anyway. If you're an adult with an income of your own and functioning legs, go buy yourself a new sweater if you want one. Don't go begging your mother-in-law for a sweater as a "stocking stuffer," and for the love of god don't go making a Christmas list like an eager 5th grader.

All that said, I am a realist and know full well that the march of adult gifting will go on this year, just as it does every damn year. So what are some gifts you get for the people in your life who hate gifts (I can't be the only one)?