Famous Franco James Franco took home second place at the Nobel Peace Blogging Awards Sunday, making him, officially, the Mitt Romney of entertainment media.

First place in the "Best Entertainment Blog by an Individual" category went to Sharon Waxman's blog for The Wrap, "Waxword," which is crazy because Waxman's blogs aren't even written in epistolary form (like James Franco's), ergo she has no clear blogging strategy.

For the time being, James Franco's award-and-James-Franco-nominated blog on the Huffington Post has remained silent on the loss.

Why are the nation's top media outlets, including James Franco's Huffington Post blog, afraid to publicize that an actor/Yale doctoral candidate did not win an award for something I am doing myself?

Congratulations to first place winner/only nominee in the "Best Tweet" category, Celebuzz's Dylan Howard, for his courageous work live-tweeting the death of Whitney Houston, "Whitney Houston's Death - Happening Right Now."

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