Police in Glasgow were alerted over the weekend to a broken Bank of Scotland ATM that was "mis-dispensing" free money to customers, only to find hundreds of people had also been alerted to the malfunction and were lining up around the block to get a piece of the action.

According to witnesses, the cashpoint, located in the Burnside area of Rutherglen, was dispensing twice the amount requested by customers, but subtracting only the initial figure from their accounts.

Word of the error spread quickly on Twitter, lunching a surprisingly well-mannered cashgrab that saw hundreds queue up for a chance to commit petty theft.

The bank eventually put an end to the shenanigans by turning the machine off and on again, and announced that affected customers would be contracted. However, the bank readily admitted that many if not most will likely get away scot-free, as they will not be able to trace payments made to customers of rival banks.

[photo via Twitter]