What's Mitt Romney doing now that he's lost the presidential election?

Getting weird.

TMZ reports that Romney, who is 65, took his wife Ann on a romantic movie date to see the Twilight Saga's final chapter, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, in California this weekend, even though there were other movies playing in California, not to mention on FX and Netflix.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is the movie Mitt Romney selected, purchased tickets for, and then sat down and watched in silence to completion. Twilight is the cinematic world in which Mitt elected to lose himself for one night.

After the movie, the Twihards moved on to a pizza place across the street, where Mitt Romney probably ordered "a circle of your most classic pie, please" because he's so normal and chill now.

TMZ reports that the Romneys appeared to be traveling without body guards or Secret Service, which makes sense because, according to Slate, those guys hang around for a week or so after a non-incumbent loses an election, then step out one day "just on a coffee run, Mitt" and never, ever come back.

However, the website does mention that the couple was joined by "two young men," so I guess they're swingers into gay stuff now.

Getting weird.

[TMZ // AP Images]