Sheldon Stephens, the "struggling model" behind the underage sex scandal involving Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash who recanted his accusations last week after reportedly receiving an out-of-court settlement of $125,000 has changed his mind yet again, and is now looking to undo the settlement and retract his recantation.

According to TMZ, Stephens is now saying that he was "pressured" into signing the settlement which required that he release a statement saying his sexual relationship with Clash "was an adult consensual relationship."

Stephens initially claimed he and Clash began a seven-year relationship when the former was 16 and latter was 45.

The 23-year-old is said to be "interviewing lawyers" for assistance in returning the six-figure settlement, though it remains unclear how he plans to proceed.

Clash released his own statement last week saying he considered the "painful allegation...put to rest," adding that he would not be discussing it further.

[photo via AP]