Anderson Cooper's live report from the heart of Gaza was interrupted early Sunday morning when a large explosion nearly blew his broadcast off the air.

Late-night blasts have become an unfortunate routine for many in the region as Israel's air force continues to strike targets across the strip, prompting retaliation from Palestinian militants, and vice versa.

Some 19 people were reportedly killed in Gaza yesterday — the conflict's bloodiest day to date — bringing the Palestinian death toll to 91. Another 700 were reportedly wounded.

On the Israeli side, rockets fired from Gaza continue to do damage to buildings and cars in southern cities and towns, but casualties remain relatively light as the military's advanced "Iron Dome" defense system has successfully intercepted a significant portion of the rockets threatening populated areas.

Israel has reportedly issued an ultimatum to Hamas, threatening a ground assault on Gaza if rocket fire doesn't cease within 36 hours.

Officials on both sides are still hoping to reach a peaceful agreement with the help of Egyptian mediators, but neither party is willing to move forward without commitments to a long-term ceasefire.

[video via NewsPoliticsNow]