Thanks to his penis, Gen. David Petraeus is the central figure in what is arguably the biggest political scandal of 2012, but he's no stranger to controversies. You may remember back in 2007, when ran a full-page ad in the New York Times that asked, "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?" This incredibly innocuous and obvious pun — and MoveOn's point-by-point criticism of Petraeus below the headline — naturally exploded in the world of haughty Republican dipshits.

Among them was noted racial instigator Matt Drudge, who has spent the last four-plus years of his life attempting to conjure up nonsense scandals involving Barack Obama. One paper-scandal that Drudge tried to pump up in July of 2008 involved that "Betray Us" advertisement, and whether or not Obama had voted for a Senate resolution to condemn the ad in 2007. Long story short, because it's all very stupid: Obama did not vote for an amendment introduced by John Cornyn condemning the ad, but did vote for a separate, earlier amendment introduced by Barbara Boxer.

No person in America cared about this scandal that didn't even exist, but that didn't stop Drudge — and the National Review's Rich Lowry — from attempting to make it a thing. Media Matters ran down the entire thing that July, and had the screenshot of Drudge falsely accusing Obama of not voting to condemn the ad. It's fair to ask if Drudge actually gives a shit about whether Obama voted to shame an advertisement — my guess would be probably not, seeing as he's done far, far worse. But there he was on the front line, stirring the pot, gently nudging his readers towards the idea that then-candidate Obama was un-American.

So, what headline is at the top of Drudge Report today? Do I even have to say it?