Fighting between Israel and the Palestinian people entered its fourth day today, and eight Palestinians were killed by Israeli fighter jets targeting Hamas government compounds, tunnels and transformers. That brought the overall death toll to at least 45, with all but three of those being Palestinians.

A rocket was also launched into Tel Aviv as well on Saturday, but Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system was able to intercept it. It was the third rocket fired at Tel Aviv by Hamas, which is now beginning to target Israel's most populous cities, Jerusalem included. Among the targets bombed by Israel on Saturday were the offices of Hamas' prime minister (he was not in the building at the time), Hamas' interior ministry and a police compound in Gaza City.

Although Egypt is working to establish a ceasefire between the two sides, it doesn't appear as if either side has let up in their attacks. It's estimated that Israel has now struck over 1,000 targets in Gaza since fighting began on Wednesday, and the country has called on 75,000 reservists in the event that the Israeli military decides on a ground invasion.

[via Al Jazeera English, image via AP]