I'm sure your grandfather (Pop) is very cool, what with him being your grandfather and all. I have some unfortunate news for you, though: your grandfather (Pop) is simply just not as cool as 72-year-old Liu Xianping, a Chinese grandfather who models for his granddaughter's online clothing store.

Oh, he models? No big deal, right? Well, the thing is that Liu models women's clothes for his granddaughter and her four partners. Here's a sampling, via Offbeat China.

Liu is really just an incredibly rad dude:

"Why unacceptable (for someone like me to wear women's clothes)? Modeling for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose. We were very happy on the day of the shooting. I'm very old and all that I care about is to be happy."

Liu's modeling career began when he picked up one of his daughter's pieces and began to give advice on how it should look. They started shooting from there, and a star was born. The store now offers a special "grandpa" promotion. Again, this guy is great.

So, this Thanksgiving, be thankful for your own grandfather (Pop), who is very cool. But remember that he also has a long way to go until he catches Liu Xianping.

[via Shanghaiist]