Breaking news on the Gomez-Bieber front: last night, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had dinner together at a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, according to TMZ's highly-trained fleet of spies, the date did not go well, as Gomez allegedly ditched the date after less than 10 minutes. Our own spies in L.A. (just trust me), overheard the entire conversation:

Bieber: *nine minutes and thirty seconds of texting*

Gomez: You look terrible, what are you wearing? Is that... a one-piece?

Bieber: It's Bieber, baby!

Gomez: You've got to be shitting me.

From there, according to TMZ, Gomez drove home, with Bieber tailing her the entire way like a very reasonable, cool dude. Minutes after Gomez pulled into her house, Bieber arrived at the gate, where he was allegedly denied entrance by Gomez.

Ah, young love at its most ravaged.

[via TMZ, image via Getty]