Frank Ocean has a friend who goes by the name Willy Cartier (real name: Willy Leservot). According to this Tumblr, he is an "It hot boy" and a "a model with French, Vietnamese and Senegalese background." His androgynous beauty is what Andrej Pejić's androgynous beauty is to actual women. Close, but too femme for a cigar.

Cartier posted the pic above on his Instagram. Ocean posted these two of Cartier on his. They were photographed together at a recent GQ party. Power 105's Angela Yee has more or less endorsed the theory. Since Frank Ocean has done a dude in the past, and Cartier sure looks like he would, naturally people suspect that they are dating.

The speculation has produced hilarious innuendo. From

But one of the pictures that Frank took and posted on his Instagram is of Willy's arms and delicate hands. It's a very detail-focused shot that doesn't seem like something platonic friends would just snap. And the shot of Frank gazing lovingly at Willy at the GQ party looks like puppy love. But hey, you be the judge!

From Global Grind:

Frank recently posted some Instagram pictures of the two hanging out together doing some meditation. He also added a photo of him sitting across the table from a guy while grabbing a bite to eat. Although Frank doesn't try to make it too obvious that Willy is the man on the other end of the table, it's a good chance that it's him, since Frank also took Willy to the GQ Magazine red carpet recently.

From Media Takeout:

We gotta admit, it's kinda WEIRD to see an R&B singer out and about with his boyfriend, but we guess it's BETTER THAN THE DOWNLOW ALTERNATIVE.

Oh wait, that last one wasn't innuendo.

[Image via Instagram]