Malia Obama's favorite band One Direction were on Ellen yesterday. Blindfolded fans felt them up, the uber-doober British boy band performed a song, and Liam Payne touched Harry Styles in the pooper. You can see it in the screenshot right there.

The tipster who sent us the above DVR still described the live-motion gesture as "a very hot ass grab and inner crack lift," which sounds even kinkier than it looks here. Perhaps the butthold was a "joke," like holding up bunny ears during a photo shoot?

In any case, we're sure there's a perfectly logical explanation why Liam has his fingers in Harry's bum.

For example, Liam could have been:

  • Warming his hand (highs were 68F that day in Los Angeles)
  • Brushing off some fuzz (very lovingly)
  • Screening for lumps
  • Playing Hide the Tootsie Roll
  • Resetting Harry's control panel

Here's the close-up. Maybe asking them how often they give each other blowies isn't all that far-fetched. Also, twinks.