What a morning. Bad enough for Americans still reeling from the idea that Twinkie production may be disrupted by the vagaries of business. I hate to break it to those very same Americans, but their favorite TV show may be just as imperiled as their favorite food.

COPS. Cops! It's been on TV 25 years. Some of you are younger than COPS. What a sad cultural compass point (for you). And now, we may be approaching the last tasering-of-a-drunk-woman. Although Fox says "no official decision has been made," the WSJ reports that COPS could be destined for the cable castaway heap:

Though some TV watchers might be surprised to discover it's still on the air, the show begins a 25th season next month. It is the longest-running entertainment series on prime-time network television. Moreover, 850 episodes in, the series has earned about $400 million through reruns alone. But it's possible this will be its final season on Fox.

To make room for sports, the network slashed the number of episodes it ordered. "Cops" co-creator John Langley says the show's future on Fox is "uncertain and problematic."

Some sort of joke here about Bad Boys—What are they going to do?? The person who will mourn COPS the most is, of course, your fucked up cousin.

[WSJ. Photo: AP]