Welcome to the sleepy little east Texas town of Jasper. Home of charming organizations like the Knights of the White Kamelia (KKK) and the Hardin County Republican Party, it is also the town where, in 1998, three white men dragged James Byrd, Jr. three miles down an asphalt road, before eventually decapitating him. Welcome to Jasper, Texas.

Peter Morrison serves as the treasurer of the Hardin County Republicans, as well as the author of the Peter Morrison Report. Morrison was also previously chosen by Texas' Board of Education Chairman to help screen Texas' textbooks. His latest dispatch — which appears to have been mostly scrubbed from the internet, but is still available here — is a mostly aimless, stream-of-conscious complaint about President Obama's re-election. He discusses degenerative diseases, calls those who voted for President Obama "maggots," and blames John McCain and reverse racism.

The simpler explanation is that many members of minority groups are simply racist against the party most white people happen to vote for.

And the Civil War:

Like the remainder of Lee's army after Gettysburg, it is our duty to keep fighting to the bitter end, in hopes that Providence might shine upon our cause before it is too late.

That's right. A leader of the Republican party in the state with the second most electoral votes just advised his party to be more like the Confederate Army. The point being:

In this respect, Texas can lead the way. Texas was once its own country, and many Texans already think in nationalist terms about their state. We need to do everything possible to encourage a long-term shift in thinking on this issue. Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government?

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Hardin County Republican Party chairman's reaction to the newsletter: "Wow."

[H/T: Texas Conservative News // Images via Salon and Flickr]