This gay demon exorcism is nowhere nearly as exciting or hilarious as this one, but the interview that follows with the ex-gay exorcist, Prophet Tejanni Campbell, and Bishop Ernest Johnson is riveting, particularly for the following two exchanges:

  • At around the 11 minute mark, Johnson notes of the homosexual phenomenon, "I mean, you got pretty women, I mean, fine as Beyoncé, and they're, you know, dykin' it out. So what do do we combat this? What do we do as far as the gospel of Jesus Christ?" Campbell responds, "We draw them with love." For sure. Love and hate speech.
  • At 13:19, Campbell estimates that "at least 45 percent" of gays are that way because of molestation. "OK, what about the other 60 percent?" asks Johnson. Perfect

Two more fun facts: Campbell the ex-gay exorcist has six children. I don't believe in conversion therapy, but that's pretty fucking convincing. If he's not actually straight, he's as good as straight at this point. Also, Johnson sources his dreams regarding the irrelevant nature/nurture slash choice/no choice question. "I had a dream one night, and in this dream, the Lord said, 'It's a sin of choice.'"

Why consult science (or actual gay people) when you have perfectly good dreams to base your opinion on? Simple.

[Via Good As You]