You always knew deep down that one day you would be best friends with the cast of Happy Endings. You were positive. Well guess what, you can't and you won't be friends with them because they already know they don't like you.

In fact, as Star Magazine reports, they don't like anyone. Says a source:

"They're consistently laughing at inside jokes, and if you aren't in their group, you're completely ignored," snipes a spy.

Apparently when real-life Janice Ian Megan Mullally guest-starred twice as Casey Wilson's character's mother, Star reports she told producers "never to call her again." Ostensibly, that was after her second time on set.

Now everyone is refusing to appear on the show; only Mark-Paul Gosselaar has signed on to do a guest spot despite the cast's reputation. The teen idol "has alimony payments to make" after all.

[Via Star Magazine // H/T New Now Next // Image via Getty]