This headline, like many good things in this world, is perhaps an exaggerated simplification of a scientific topic, yes, but an exaggerated simplification rooted in the latest research. A new NIH study found that PCBs—"mostly banned" chemicals with industrial uses—are linked to fertility problems, causing women to take longer to get pregnant. And how do you get PCBs in you? The WSJ explains:

PCBs are chemicals that have been used as coolants and lubricants in electrical equipment and are found in soil, water and in the food chain, especially in animal fat... People concerned about PCBs can either avoid meat or just trim off the fat, though it is nearly impossible to avoid all chemical exposure, Dr. Louis said.

If you eat meat you literally hate your unborn baby. Real nice. Meanwhile another new study finds the chemical oxytocin helps keep men monogamous. Why are you cooking your husband meat when you should be cooking him oxytocin? Women.

[Photo: Ernesto Andrade/ Flickr]