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On Saturday, rapper 50 Cent swung by the QVC studios in West Chester, PA and quickly made several bubbly women of a certain age fall madly in love with him.

Another thing he made: $177,000 in nine minutes. Come at him, haters.

From the moment he strutted into frame (in the middle of a Philosophy fragrance selling segment), it was clear that the cohosts' reservations about opening their hearts to love were flying out the window as fast as 50 Cent's $275 headphones were flying off the shelves at the Featured Price of $249.95.

Maybe in this version, when you let yourself fall, you fly. Maybe in this version Desdemona and Othello live happily ever after.

We present to you now a supercut of 50's most sexually charged moments with the ladies of QVC. Think of it as a montage designed to teach the wackest wack how to mack.

[50 Cent's Twitter]