Looking to cheat on your spouse but worried about damning your immortal soul to swim in a lake of fire for all eternity by breaking the commandment that expressly prohibits committing adultery? Good news!

According to latter-day oracle Pat Robertson, as long as you're "off in a foreign land" and "lonely," and the object of your affection is an "extremely good-looking woman" who is also a "marathon runner," you're automatically absolved!

Because, hey, it wasn't your fault to begin with — she was "throwing herself" at you. What could you do? You're only a man.

UPDATE: CBN spokesman Chris Roslan has issued the following statement: "In his comments about General Petraeus, Dr. Robertson clearly stated that he does not condone sexual immorality, a fact that was left out by certain bloggers in an effort to discredit him."

I doubt he needs any help from bloggers on that front.

[video via RightWingWatch]