Tired of ignoring Donald Trump and waiting for him to fade away, activist Angelo Carusone has decided to take action — specifically, file a petition urging Macy's to sever all ties with the blowhard billionaire, effective immediately.

Carusone's appeal struck a cord with many, causing his SignOn petition to rack nearly half a million signatures practically overnight.

The signatories' main beef with Trump is his sexist behavior, but also his hypocrisy, his climate change denial, his racially charged birtherism, and a myriad of other terrible things he's become infamous for.

Given the approaching holidays, and the fact that Macy's will be heavily promoting its Trump-brand products, including in a Christmas-themed commercial starring Trump that's set to begin airing soon, the petitioners feel having Macy's "dump Trump" would send a very clear message to the megalomaniacal magnate that he needs to dial down the douchery.

Whether or not Macy's will be swayed by the will of the people remains to be seen.

As the petition itself notes, Macy's CEO, Terry J. Lundgren, recently reached out to Trump to emphasize his excitement over their working relationship. And Trump just launched a brand new clothing line that Macy's is committed to promoting.

But Macy's holiday theme is "believe," and that's precisely what 463,000 people and counting are planning to keep doing.

UPDATE: The number of signatures has just topped 500,000. Still no word from Macy's.

[H/T: The Daily Dot, photo via AP]