If you're General David Petraeus, you're probably not having a very relaxing Sunday morning. And if General Petraeus was tuning into Fox News this morning, he's probably having a bit less of anything resembling a good morning.

California senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate's intelligence committee, was on Fox News Sunday this morning. She said that she would investigate the FBI's investigation of Petraeus and find out why lawmakers weren't given any advance notice of the situation. She described the shock of finding out about the the investigation as "like a lightning bolt."

She also mentioned that she might make Petraeus testify before congress as part of the investigation. This would be really awesome. Props to Senator Feinstein for making an effort to properly entertain America.

Wow, a senator actually doing something. We now know that the best motivator to get Congress moving is an extramarital affair. C'mon everybody, step it up with the cheating.

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