According to literary journals E! and Us Weekly, Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber last week. The two had dated for just about two years. In fact, as Us Weekly reminds us, their relationship started exactly two years ago this month in the world's most romantic restaurant.

Bieber and Gomez first sparked rumors they were an item during a "cuddly" November 2010 IHOP date, though the denied the romance chatter until the following spring.

The two would go on to weather many scandals together, such as: the time Beliebers threatened to kill Gomez on Twitter, the time fake dick pics of Bieber hit the internet, the time there were rumors of a Justin Bieber sex tape, the time the two pretended they were hippies at a Phish show, and, most recently, the time there was an unofficial Justin Bieber sex doll.

The reason for the split? Trust issues. Apparently, Justin has been spending too much time around Victoria's Secret model, Barbara Palvin.

But just yesterday, Palvin tweeted this:

But we all know she only tweeted that because Beliebers were threatening to kill her, too.

No word yet if Selena wrote to Chuck Klosterman before the breakup, but I'm searching through The Ethicist's archives now and will update accordingly.

[Image via AP]