According to the geography academics at Floating Sheep, the vast majority of racist tweets posted in the aftermath of President Obama's reelection came from Alabama, so it's of little surprise that a Dale County resident had few qualms about placing an Obama effigy on their front porch along with the sign "Pray 4 Assassin."

Still, that doesn't make it any less horrifying.

According to Matt Elofson of the Dothan Eagle, the Obama effigy was spotted in Browns Crossroads, a small community east of Ozark, by Eagle photographer Max Oden.

Oden, who was responding to a reader's tip, told Elofson the effigy was removed by the resident after the photog managed to snap a few shots. As Oden was leaving the scene, someone from across the street confronted him and struck the window of his car.

Oden subsequently contacted the Dale County Sheriff's Office, which contacted the Secret Service in turn. The Secret Service agent responsible for southeast Alabama told Elofson the matter was under investigation.

"Honestly, until something is thoroughly investigated you don't know the intent," said agent Clayton Slay. "We try to determine if there is a violation of the law, and even if it's not we still have to look at it just to see if there's an intent there."

Calling for President Obama's assassination seems to be a worrying trend. A California woman whose Facebook post expressing a desire to see Obama assassinated went viral told a local news crew she wouldn't "care one bit" if it actually happened.

[H/T: Joe My God, photo: Max Oden via Dothan Eagle]