A woman claiming to be the personal assistant of Waffle House CEO Joe W. Rogers Jr. has filed a complaint with the Atlanta Police Department alleging nearly a decade's worth of sexual harassment at the hands of her former employer.

Identified as My Brooke Brindle of Acworth, the 43-year-old single mother claims Rogers, the son of Waffle House co-founder Joe Rogers, Sr., forced her to perform various sexual services "as part of and as a condition [of her] employment."

The services included purchasing pornography, lingerie, and sex toys for Rogers. Additionally, Brindle told Atlanta police Rogers fondled her breasts, attempted to undress her, and demanded she perform sex acts on him "at least once or twice a month."

Per the police report, "Brindle endured the sexual harassment and assault by Rogers for a number of years because she could not find work of comparable pay, because her child's father abandoned them, left the country and left Brindle to her son on her own without any financial contribution whatsoever."

After her son landed a full athletic scholarship to college in May, Brindle tendered her resignation.

On September 14th, Brindle filed a lawsuit against Rogers in Cobb County Superior Court, but all documents related to the case have been sealed. A countersuit by Rogers filed on September 19th in Fulton County State Court has also been gagged.

Brindle filed her criminal complaint on September 28th at an Atlanta police precinct, but authorities have yet to charge Rogers with a crime. "It's still in the preliminary stages," Sgt. Tyus of the APD SVU said, referring to the police investigation.

A Waffle House spokesman told ABC News Rogers was no longer the company's CEO, but retained the title of chairman. He said Brindle was Rogers' former housekeeper, but declined to comment further, calling the allegations "a private matter for Joe Rogers and his family and doesn't involve Waffle House."

[photos via AP, Terry College of Business]